Jeremy The Koala Returns Home: Social Media Sensation Recovers From Bushfire Burns

The koala known as Jeremy, who was rescued from a bushfire in the Adelaide Hills area in Adelaide, Australia earlier this month, has made his way home after making a full recovery from his injuries.

According to BBC News, Jeremy the koala became a social media sensation after pictures of him receiving treatment and in bandages surfaced online. After weeks of treatments, the koala is now able to return to the wild, said Aaron Machado, the president of the Australian Marine Wildlife Research and Rescue Organization (AMWRRO).

“The only thing he has to do now is get used to not having any more room service.”

Machado added that before Jeremy was released, he and the rest of the organization made sure the burns didn’t turn into infections.

“[Koalas have a] very poor, if not obsolete, immune system. It’s one thing having a burn, another thing having an infected burn.”

The koala was given the nickname Jeremy after the person who rescued him, Paracombe CFS volunteer Jeremy Sparrow. According to 7News Adelaide, Sparrow rescued the koala a few days after a bushfire hit the Adelaide Hills area.

“He was sitting there, just looking at me and needed some help.”

But Jeremy wasn’t an easy rescue, Machado told BBC News.

“He had a big attitude.”

It took some time, but the koala did end up going with the rescuers, Machado added.

“[He calmed down] once he was over that initial shock and he realized that we weren’t going to eat him.”


After the rescuers brought the koala to the organization, carers began treating his wounds, which totaled to more than $6,000. Weeks of treatment passed, and Jeremy was placed with carer Kim Thompson for rehabilitation at a place near where he was rescued.

Prior to releasing Jeremy, Machado had noted how well the koala had improved.

“He’s been climbing his tree and staying in his tree all night, which is absolutely great.”

Sparrow saw the koala climb up a gum tree, and he mentioned how he was surprised that the animal had recovered so quickly.

“It was a good feeling to see him race up that tree, quite happy and contented and I think he was voicing his approval.”

[Main image via 7News Adelaide]