Facebook Users Can Now “Listen With Friends” With New Feature

Facebook has introduced many changes over the past several months. From a new news feed layout, to the live updating ticker on the right hand side, to Timeline, the new profile design, and so on. Today, they’re introducing another new feature called “Listen With Friends”.

How it works is pretty simple. Say you and a friend have either a Spotify or Rdio account and one of your friends is listening to a song. When you scroll over their name in the chat sidebar, you’ll see what they’re listening to and a button below the song and album name titled “Listen with [friend’s name]” will appear.

When you click the button, you’ll be able to listen to the same song as well and wherever it’s currently at in the song. Of course, you need a Rdio and/or Spotify account to listen in, but you get the idea.

Also, you’ll be able to listen in on whatever your friend is listening to as long as they keep listening to music. Essentially, your friend is a DJ of sorts.

“Being able to click on someone’s music and play it is a great experience, but knowing that you helped a friend discover something new … is awesome,” said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg back when the Listen With feature was previewed at a developer conference last year.”

Facebook seems to be going right after Turntable.fm, a social music service that lets people DJ in a room and people can listen in and vote up or down a song which earns the DJ points.