‘Arrow’ Season 3 Spoilers: What Is Next For Diggle And Team Arrow?

Arrow Season 3 is back on the CW, and Team Arrow is facing a lot of trouble from one bad guy, and they do not have Oliver to help them out. Oliver is alive, but all his friends believe he is dead. That is not likely to change anytime soon either.

Diggle has stepped up into a leadership role for Team Arrow, and he has a lot on his plate. Before Oliver’s disappearance, he was planning a wedding to Lyla. Will the wedding still happen during Arrow Season 3?

David Ramsey offered a little teaser about his character’s wedding plans to Entertainment Weekly.

“The most pressing thing after Oliver’s death is adjusting to Oliver’s death. Everything is on hold, even the wedding, because we have to adjust to what we’re going to do without Oliver and that takes a while.”

David Ramsey did film a new Diggle scene with Lyla, who is played by actress Audrey Marie Anderson, this week. YVRShoots shared new photos from the set featuring the pair on Thursday. The site teased that the pair was filming Arrow Season 3 Episode 17. The episode, titled “Suicidal Tendencies,” will have the Suicide Squad back in action.

However, Diggle and Team Arrow have to deal with the current situation. Brick is causing trouble for the residents of Starling City, and the team is trying to stop him. Team Arrow is having some problems doing that though.

A new Arrow sneak peek released by the CW on Saturday for Arrow Season 3 Episode 12, titled “Uprising,” shows the team trying to figure out how to take down Brick, but they make a shocking find in the process. When Felicity ties the gun used by Brick to a crime that happened 20 years ago. Team Arrow learns that Brick shot Malcolm Merlyn’s wife.

Malcolm learns the information at the same time with a video camera focused on the team when the connection is made. What will Malcolm do with this new bit of information? He has been trying to get Thea to leave Starling City with him, but now he can now take down the man who killed his wife and the mother of his son.

Arrow Season 3 has been filled with plenty of twists and turns. Oliver losing his money at the end of Season 2 took Oliver in a new direction. His death is setting him and those that knew him best on a different path as well.

Fans will need to keep watching to find out what happens to Team Arrow next. Arrow will air “Uprising” on Wednesday night.

[Photo: CW]