Girl, 10, Helps Paramedics Treat Deaf Crash Victim By Using Her Sign-Language Skills [Video]

A 10-year-old girl from Kansas was honored by paramedics with a certificate and medal of bravery after she helped emergency responders communicate with a deaf crash victim. The paramedics say that the girl was able to provide them with vital information to get the crash victim the medical care she needed.

According to KCTV, Yesenia Diosdado was outside playing with friends when she heard a strange noise. The girl went to investigate and saw that there was an automobile crash. When paramedics arrived, the girl noticed that they seemed to be having difficulty communicating with the crash victim as she was deaf. Yesenia immediately jumped into action and began signing with the injured victim.

Paramedics say that without Yesenia, they would not have been able to get the vital information they needed to properly treat the victim. Chris Winger of Johnson County MEDACT says that Yesenia allowed them to establish the victim's injuries without the "significant delays" that would have been needed otherwise.

"We would not have been able to establish what her injuries were without significant delays of having to establish another means of communication."

Yesenia, who attends Rising Star Elementary, was awarded a certificate and medal of bravery following the harrowing ordeal. Paramedics came to the girl's school to present the honors. In the KMBC video above, Yesenia says that she was "really nervous" as she jumped in to help.

"I saw that she was signing, so I decided to go help. And I was really nervous."

Paramedics, on the other hand, thought the little girl was nothing short of "awesome."

"It was awesome! Kind of nice in today's world to have someone so young have such a huge impact."

Yesenia's mother, Susan Mulidore, says she has taught three of her children how to sign and is in the process of teaching the fourth.

"I have always explained to my kids, even if you never use it, the importance of sign language. It is everywhere."

[Image Credit: KCTV]