Meghan Trainor Has A Date For The Grammys: No Treble

Meghan Trainor has revealed her 2015 Grammys date, and it’s not a guy. While nobody doubts she could probably have her pick of men, including her crush, Niall Horan, she’s following Ariana Grande’s lead and bringing someone even more special: members of her own family.

Ariana Grande bought her grandmother to the Teen Choice Awards, and Meghan Trainor has decided family comes first, too. The “All About That Bass” singer has recently made some statements about the difficulty of stardom, so she’s sticking with something comfortable and non-dramatic: her own flesh and blood.

“I’m bringing my family, and my dad will be smiling from ear to ear!” she told People magazine.

Her excitement to be at the Grammys in general is intense since she is nominated for not only Song of the Year, but also Record of the Year. She said it’s a dream come true.

“Last year I was watching the Grammys from home and hoping that one day I would be there, and now I’m nominated for two awards!”

The 21-year-old singer admits that her sudden fame after her single ”All About That Bass” topped the charts around the world negatively impacted her love life. When asked if she had received more male attention since her fame, her answer was surprising.

“No, less! They’re intimidated and terrified and I look amazing nowadays so I don’t know what’s going on.”

Trainor has admitted that although she struggled with body image issues through most of her teen years, she now feels incredibly happy with her appearance, especially with her hair. The singer admits to having extensions and said that they have been one of the things that have most improved her self-image.

Trainor, however, is not giving up on love She has set her sights on dating a “trust fund boy” because she needs to go out with someone who is able to fund their own travel expenses.

“The [record] label doesn’t pay for my mom to travel with me. My mom’s a hard worker; she’s a jeweler, so she can’t afford to come out here. I need a trust fund boy who doesn’t need a job because he’s rich and can stay by my side and who can be like, ‘No baby, I’m here, we’re good, I can afford this!’”

Those are lofty goals for the average girl, but Meghan Trainor will likely eventually get her man. In the meantime, she’s perfectly happy with having her family by her side.