Dr. Dre: ‘I Didn’t Say Nothing About Making Peace With Suge’

Dr. Dre doesn’t like it when people put words in his mouth, and that whole excuse Suge Knight gave about Dre wanting to make peace with him is an outright lie. According to TMZ, Suge Knight stated that the whole reason he ended up at Tam’s Burgers the day he ran over his friend and killed him was because Dr. Dre had asked to meet with him to squash the beef between them.

But, Dr. Dre tells TMZ that nothing could be further from the truth. He never asked to make peace with Suge. In fact, he wanted Suge as far away from the project as possible because of all the “unfortunate circumstances” that seem to follow him.

The Inquisitr reported two days ago that Knight had been arrested for the hit and run death of his friend, Terry Carter. The reports are conflicting, but the one fact that remains constant is that Knight backed over his friend and killed him. Cle “Bone” Sloane, an actor who is said to have been Suge’s original target, was also bruised and injured during the altercation.

Dr. Dre and Suge have a long history, dating back to their partnership in Death Row Records. To be fair, Suge should have been a part of whatever project was going on that had to do with rap and Compton because he was there from the beginning. His part in Straight Outta Compton could have added some texture to the project.

But because of all the bad blood between them, coupled with Knight’s notorious violent history, Dr. Dre didn’t want Suge to have any part of it. Some believe this is what set Knight off that day. Another theory is that a paranoid Suge Knight may have thought that he was walking into an ambush and tried to get away.

Attorney James Blatt explained it this way to Rolling Stone.

“He [Knight] was in the process of being physically assaulted by two men and in an effort to escape he unfortunately hit two [other] individuals. He was in his car trying to escape.”

Lt. John Corina of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and witnesses who were there that day say it was definitely intentional, and that the rapper gunned it backward, and then forward, killing Terry Carter. About the hit and run incident, Corina stated the following during a press conference.

“He was seen 20 minutes earlier over at the other incident in the same truck, arguing with some people. Then the same truck ends up over here, a person driving the truck fits his description, so we want to talk to him()The act appears to be intentional. ()He intended to run those people over.”

Whatever happened that day, one thing is for sure — Suge Knight will not be walking out of jail after a year or two on this one. If convicted, Knight will spend many years in prison. Meanwhile, Dr. Dre will continue being a mogul and counting his millions… or is it billions?

[Photo Credit: Twitter]