Amish Buggy Drivers Face Jail Time for Ignoring Traffic Laws

A judge in Kentucky is starting to send Amish buggy drivers to jail for refusing to mark their buggies with reflective orange triangles.

Slow moving vehicles driving on public roads in Kentucky are required to mark themselves with a reflective orange sign. The amish community in Kentucky says that the signs conflict with their pledge to live a simple life.

The judge, however, says that their refusal to use the signs is causing a danger on the roads.

The Amish buggy drivers have been given fines for their traffic infractions but so far they have refused to pay them. Now Graves County District Judge Deborah Crooks is starting to hand out prison sentences.

This morning Ananias Byler was sentenced to 10 days in jail for refusing to pay the fines.

Jacob Gingerich, an Amish farmer, told the Associated Press that the Amish community will not pay the fines and they will not place the orange reflective signs on their buggies, even if it means jail time. ABC reports that there are 7 men in court today that will likely face similar 10 day prison sentences.

Kentucky lawmakers are currently considering legislation that would exempt Amish buggies from the traffic rule. One solution would have Amish drivers use silver reflective tape instead of the bright orange signs.

What do you think about the Amish buggy controversy?