‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules Says Show Is More Fun Than A Dating Website

The Bachelor has made much of Chris Soules’ small town roots and the willingness — or not — of his female suitors to move to Iowa should he propose. Soules told the Sioux City Journal that being on the show is actually a sound option for a farmer who has few outlets to find love.

“I don’t get to just go out to dinner or go out to a bar and happen to run into someone. I have to make an effort no matter what I do. This is a much more fun experience than being on a dating website… There are a lot of great girls in Iowa. It’s just hard to meet somebody. It’s hard to meet the right person for anybody… no matter where you live. I’ve got three older sisters and they’ve all got great relationships. One took until she was in her 30s and she lived in Chicago. What you really want to do is find that special person who’s perfect for you… and that’s hard.”

Soules also said that as unreal as it may seem to an outsider, he’s a supporter of The Bachelor process. He was impressed by the people who run the reality franchise back when he was one of Andi Dorfman’s potential husbands on The Bachelorette.

“When I went through the casting [for ‘The Bachelorette’], they asked a lot of important questions and made me think they really cared before bringing me onto the show. It was an intense process. It’s very thorough and that was a big part of why I was going to do it.”

Among the benefits of finding love on The Bachelor, instead of, say, a dating website, is one-on-one contact. That is something Soules has been known to take full advantage of. People kept a tally of the number of girls Soules kissed in Episode 3, and came up with eight, although one woman’s face was obscured by his, so the encounter may have been from an earlier installment.

Juelia Kinney, who was sent packing last week, defends Soules’ affectionate ways.

“Chris is a man and he is trying to get to know all of these women and I don’t really think it’s a bad thing for him to kiss somebody if he’s feeling a connection with them… He’s not planning on keeping all 30 women, so whatever he needs to do to get to know people I think is fine.”

In addition to finding his soulmate, Soules wants The Bachelor to enlighten people about Iowa and farming.

“I was very adamant going in that farming is a modern, advanced business that I want to have respected. So far, I think it’s coming across really well…. [Des Moines is a] very modern, metropolitan city that’s got a lot going for it. I’m excited to have that on national television.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC.