Cop Arrests Two People, Places Them In Back Of Police Truck: One Ends Up Raping The Other

A cop in Montreal is now being sued by a woman she arrested for public intoxication.

Constable Danielle Gallant took an unnamed 17-year-old female into custody one night in 2011. The young woman had been drinking heavily, so Gallant handcuffed her and placed her in the back of the police truck.

Unfortunately, Gallant had arrested a nationally registered sex offender earlier in the evening, and somehow, without Gallant’s supervision, he was able to get loose and rape the 17-year-old, who was defenseless.

Gallant was a young and inexperienced officer at the time and didn’t even have the credentials to carry a firearm. Police reports stated that when she returned to the back of the police truck, she found 24-year-old Joe Kritik on top of the young woman with his pants down.

Graeme Hamilton of the National Post explains further.

“Despite the assault,” Hamilton writes, “the girl was kept in a police cell overnight and was not given medical attention,” nor were her parents contacted.

Kritik pled guilty to the sexual assault in 2012 and received a sentence of 39 months in prison, while the girl filed a lawsuit in 2014 in Quebec Superior Court against Gallant, the Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF), and the Kativik Regional Government seeking $400,000 in damages.

“The KRPF manifested a serious lack of professionalism and gross negligence by leaving an inexperienced police officer, with no knowledge or life experience of northern Quebec populations, and without the authorization to carry a firearm, to ensure alone the security of the public,” the suit, uncovered by La Presse, reads.

Worse yet, the assault is said to have left “deep psychological scars” on the victim, according to court documents. The victim is now 21-years-old, and prior to the incident, she had “no history of mental health problems but now displays symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder,” said psychologist Joseph Beltempo, who added that she “experiences nightmares of the rape and will not leave her home alone. She is drinking more and is afraid of men.”

“Her depression, loneliness and isolation are getting worse,” the psychologist wrote.

Perhaps most disturbing in this incident is not the police negligence, but the fact that Kritik could have already committed four sexual assaults and then add another while in police custody but only receive a three-year sentence.

What do you think about this case, readers? Should the woman get the full $400,000 she is suing the police for? Sound off in our comments section.