Unbelievably Unique Dog For Adoption, Rami the Pit-Dachshund Is Real Not Photo Shopped

The adorable cartoon-like picture of Rami, the pit bull-dachshund mix you see, is not photoshopped. He’s real. And he’s up for adoption at the Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society in south Georgia. According to Dawn Blanton of the shelter, he really has a pit bull head on a dachshund body, as stated on CNN on January 31. The video below shows this dynamo in motion.

His pictures have been making the rounds on the internet, as Rami is so startling looking. He was found wandering in someone’s back yard and turned into the shelter. Because he’s become an internet sensation, the Humane Society is going to be especially careful about who adopts him. There were over 2.4 million hits on his picture once it was posted at the shelter’s Facebook page.

The Society said that he is about a year old and full-grown at 25 pounds. He’s a high-energy guy who is learning to walk on a leash.

“I’m a sweetie pie, and love to run. I don’t listen very well, so you’ll need to take some time to train me. Because I tend to be a bit hyper, I might not be the best addition to a household with little kids. But I’m sure that all I need is a little lovin.”

Unbelievably, at first, there were even some nasty comments posted on the internet that Rami is ugly. Luckily for him and other unique dogs, the tide has turned and many people want to adopt him. In fact, the little star even has his own Facebook page, with almost 1,200 friends, appropriately entitled, “Rami.” He promises to keep everyone posted about his adventures and the friends he’s making.

In the pictures on his Facebook page, he is being held and petted by people and seems quite the friendly guy. He’s hugged by children and is shown cuddling on a couch.

In fact, Moultrie-Colquitt County Humane Society had received over 200 applications and counting, according to the Huffington Post as of January 30.

What’s next, a movie deal? A calendar? You never know. He might be the next great, in the tradition of Grumpy Cat.


Seriously, it’s hoped that the focus on this new star will bring attention to the other needy animals at the shelter who will also then be adopted. You can contact them at 229-985-5463.

Unfortunately, pit bulls are given a bad rap sometimes. As was noted previously in the Inquisitr, a pit mix was awarded the American Humane Association’s 2014 American Hero Dog. Rami should have a happy ending and find his fur-ever home soon, thanks to a dedicated rescue group and caring dog lovers.

Would you want to adopt Rami? What would you call him and why?

[Video Courtesy YouTube, Photo Courtesy Facebook]