‘Once Upon A Time’ Spoilers: Lana Parrilla Talks About Operation Mongoose

Most Once Upon a Time fans really want to see Regina find her happy ending, and the discovery of the Author’s library was a big win for the Evil Regal. However, Regina won’t be able to accomplish her goal without a little help.

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lana Parrilla talked about what’s next for Team Mongoose on Once Upon a Time.

“This is a quest that has been quite difficult for Regina,” Parrilla revealed.

“With all the research she’s done thus far and Operation Mongoose, she keeps hitting dead end after dead end. She’s lost some faith in ever finding this author, but she’s still not going to give up. A lot of that positive reenforcement comes from Henry in being the heart of the truest believer, who keeps her afloat and keeps encouraging her to not give up.”

According to Lana, Once Upon a Time fans will get to see Regina and Henry find a few more clues about the mysterious “Author” during the second half of season 4.

“He plays a huge part in finding clues,” Parrilla said of Henry’s involvement in Operation Mongoose. “They work together and start to find clues leading to the discovery of this author, so that will play out for the remainder of the season.”

Unfortunately for Regina, Rumplestiltskin might find a way to stand in her way. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Rumple and Robin Hood will both end up together in New York City. As Once Upon a Time fans know, Mr. Gold has no qualms about harming others if he thinks doing so will get him closer to his own happy ending, and he might see Robin Hood as the perfect pawn to help him get back to Storybrooke. Gold could always threaten to kill the outlaw if the queen refuses to help him find a way to reunite with Belle.

However, Belle definitely wouldn’t be impressed by this game plan — even though Hook didn’t exactly treat her kindly when they first met, she was not happy when Rumple almost killed the pirate during the midseason finale of Once Upon a Time. Rumple’s tendency to disregard the feelings of others and his abuse of power were what got him banished from Storybrooke in the first place.

Luckily, it sounds like Mr. Gold might actually learn from his mistakes. During an interview with ET Online, showrunner Adam Horowitz said that Rumbelle isn’t over, so this means that Mr. Gold must turn over a new leaf — Belle wouldn’t take him back if he didn’t provide definitive proof that he’s a changed man.

Horowitz also confirmed that there’s still hope for Outlaw Queen, so Rumple probably won’t rip out Robin Hood’s heart and kill him once he’s outlived his usefulness. Perhaps encountering the noble thief in New York City will remind Mr. Gold of Belle’s belief that he’s not really the bad man he tries so hard to be. After all, Belle first saw proof that the Beast was capable of being compassionate when he spared Robin Hood’s life in the Enchanted Forest all those years ago.

Once Upon a Time returns March 1 on ABC. Do you think Outlaw Queen or Rumbelle will be reunited first? And do you think Regina will find the Author by the end of season 4?

[Image credit: ABC]