'Minecraft' TU21 Will Focus On Fixing Bugs Instead Of Adding New Content To Xbox, Playstation

Continuing their desire to constantly improve the console editions of Minecraft, 4J Studios has now confirmed that work on the next title update for the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the blocky sandbox creation game has now begun. Teasing fans with what to expect from the upcoming patch, the developer announced via their official Twitter account on Friday that Minecraft's Title Update 21 will attempt to remove several in-game issues that console gamers may be experiencing as the patch will focus primarily on releasing a series of bug fixes across Microsoft and PlayStation platforms.

Working on bug fixes! TU21 will be another bug fix update.
Minecraft fans that play the popular voxel-based title on any console system have benefited from numerous game updates in a short span of time. Two Minecraft patches have been released for the title's console ports in as many months.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition

Like Minecraft's upcoming Title Update 21, not all numbered patches for the console editions of the game actually add new content. It is normal for Minecraft updates to rotate between introducing new gameplay features to consoles and then subsequently fix the issues and bugs that the new mechanics may cause.

However, the most recent update for Minecraft already fixed many bugs that were introduced from the previous content patch that gave Xbox and PlayStation users the ability to finally tame and breed horses to ride throughout Minecraft's block-filled world. Since many of that update's issues have already been resolved, it is unknown exactly what bugs 4J Studios plans to fix with Title Update 21. The developer has not yet discussed any specific details as to what the coming patch will address.

While 4J Studios strives to improve the console editions of Minecraft on console systems, the sandbox creation game continues to grow in popularity. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, one such example of Minecraft's place in modern pop-culture was given when the game was mentioned on CONAN after the talk show host expressed his desire to film an entire episode using Minecraft's blocky graphics.

Another way that Minecraft is crossing over into the realm of television comes in the form of an upcoming new DLC pack heading to the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft's Xbox Wire news blog announced earlier this month that a new Minecraft skin pack will add avatars based on The Simpsons to the game.

Originally released on the Xbox 360, 4J Studios' console ports of Minecraft can now also be found on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, Playstation 3, and PS Vita. Like all previous patches, Minecraft's Title Update 21 will be released on all platforms at the same time.

[Images via Microsoft Studios Blog, 4J Studios]