Crying Rottweiler Mourns Brother’s Death, Footage Goes Viral

The crying Rottweiler in this video is just one example that proves dogs clearly have emotions and do not hesitate to express them.

According to the description, the crying Rottweiler (Brutus) is mourning the recent death of his twin brother, Hank.

Hank reportedly passed away the previous night. Brutus did not want to leave his side and refused to do so — even when asked and nudged by his owner. All that Brutus wanted to do was lay down with his brother, resting on top of his head with reddened eyes and a look of utter despair on his face.

YouTuber BrettVett1, the owner of Hank and Brutus, claims in the video description that he had never seen his crying Rottweiler whine or cry before in the two years that he has had him.

Towards the end of the video, which is nearly two minutes long, BrettVett1 is even heard crying in the background. He apologizes for that emotional breakdown in the description.

“I’m so sorry you guys… I wasn’t strong enough and had a breakdown in front of the dogs.”

He also provides a little history about his relationship with Hank the Rottweiler — including the extensive sadness that Hank seemed to experience in the days leading up to his death.

“He looked so sad. I noticed Hank never came out of his grievance and stopped eating. He was still drinking and nibbling on food so I thought he was okay.”

However, one week later, he mentions that he and Brutus woke up and find out that Hank had passed away in his sleep.

The video was reportedly recorded nearly 30 minutes after they woke up.

Even though the YouTuber admits that he usually does not record real-life catastrophes or share them online, he decided to show the footage of his crying Rottweiler in mourning to send a powerful message about the emotions experienced by dogs.

BrettVett1 even made a profound statement in the description related to the footage about dogs and their emotions.

“This is proof that animals DO have emotions and feel pain just like we do… Let the world know animals feel love and pain just like us. Don’t let Hank’s passing die in vein [sic] with him… Please share our story.”

The video of the crying Rottweiler was originally posted on January 24. As of right now, it has been viewed on YouTube alone over 770,000 times.

[Image Credit: YouTube]