Heidi Montag’s Dad Accused Of Incest And Child Molestation

Heidi Montag’s father has been arrested and charged with crimes associated with incest and child sex abuse. TMZ reports that Bill Montag was charged on Thursday night after police responded to a complaint filed by the victim. The report claims that the reality show star’s father had abused the victim over 50 times over a course of several years, after grooming her to be his victim.

The victim of the alleged sexual abuse was 13-years-old when it began in the early 1990s, and is an apparent family member of the Montags. However, TMZ notes that the timeline doesn’t match up with sisters Holly and Heidi. The other publicly known sibling in the family is a brother, and the alleged victim is a girl. The identity of the victim has not been revealed due to the seriousness of the charges.

Heidi Montag rose to fame as a costar to Lauren Conrad on MTV’s The Hills, and has since then become a serial reality show star. She’s currently roughing it on Marriage Bootcamp, and certainly doesn’t need to be brought into the middle of the horrible controversy that surrounds her dad. Nonetheless, one has to wonder if she’s going to address the arrest of her father and the crimes he is accused of committing. Does she know anything about what he allegedly did to his young female victim?

Speaking of Heidi, she’s been completely quiet about her father’s arrest (which took place in Aspen, Colorado). She’s been very active on her social media accounts while pumping her image, but has not uttered even a word about the controversy. Her last tweet was just a couple of hours ago.

Bill Montag had been working as a ski instructor in Aspen until he was arrested on Thursday. He is accused of actively grooming his alleged victim, who chose to speak out after all of these years to prevent the same abuse from happening to other girls. 9 News NBC confirms that nothing in the court documents indicates that Holly or Heidi Montag are victims of incest or sex abuse. What is known is that Heidi and Holly’s parents divorced in 1990, but both of them remarried. According to TV Guide, Heidi Montag’s step-siblings include Carissa Berlet, Eric O’Hara, and Katie O’Hara. Eric O’Hara tragically lost his life in a freak accident in a Colorado hotel. He was an Iraq war vet when he slipped from the roof while removing snow.

[Photo credit: Aspen Police Department mugshot]