Johnny Depp Is Set To Marry Girlfriend Amber Heard Next Week [Report]

Is Johnny Depp finally marrying Amber Heard? After a somewhat long engagement, Johnny and Amber are set to walk down the aisle next week.

According to Page Six, Depp and Heard are planning to exchange their nuptials on a private island. The ceremony will take place in the Bahamas at Depp’s private Little Hall’s Pond Cay island home. It’s said that it will be a small and intimate wedding, as the couple only invited 50 guests.

Guests include Heard’s immediate family, and Depp ex-partner Vanessa Paradis, and their children Lily-Rose, 15, and Jack, 12.

Guests will not be living it up in any posh hotels or bachelor pads. Instead, they will be staying at Johnny’s 156-foot vessel named Vajoliroja, which he keeps on his tropical island.

The two had to work around their busy schedules to set the date of the wedding. According to a source, this date allows Johnny to get ready for his Pirates of the Caribbean film, which will be shooting in Australia. That said, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for the couple.

According to E! Online, the two almost split up over the holidays in the middle of dealing with their issues. According to sources, there was no wedding on the horizon back in December. This was only fueled by Depp appearing to be drunk at the Hollywood Film Awards on November 12. Although reps have not commented, at the time friends of the couple said that they are “constantly on the rocks.”

Back in December, their problems were due to their personalities. According to a source, they both “have extreme personalities and are both very intense people. Arguments are bound to arise.”

People Magazine was reporting a variation of the same story at the time. The magazine claimed that Depp was “crazy in love with Amber, but there is turmoil in the relationship,” and Amber, 28, may not be ready to settle down to Depp, 51.

“Amber flirts and has many different kinds of relationships. She is not really ready to settle down.”

Whatever the case may be, it seems like the couple worked out all of their problems and are strong enough to make a lifelong commitment by walking down the aisle next week.

Back in 2009, Depp told Vanity Fair of the location, “I don’t think I’d ever seen any place so pure and beautiful. You can feel your pulse rate drop about 20 beats. It’s instant freedom.”

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