Former Soldier, Lindsay Faith Lowery, Vindicated Of Accusation Of Stolen Valor

Earlier this week, Lindsay Faith Lowery, a former soldier for the U.S. Army who now writes under the pseudonym “Prissy Holly” for Mad World News, was accused of stealing valor. The Inquisitr previously reported details on the situation in which the Facebook group, known as POG Boot F***s, were first to accuse the military veteran of the crime. Those accusations have now been proven false, as an investigation proves Lindsay was telling the truth about her involvement in the U.S. Army.

According to both IJReview and Opposing Views, said vindication was granted thanks to the investigative research by Guardian of Valor, a site that specializes in exposing people posing as military members. According to their article, the following statement Lindsay Faith Lowery wrote on her journalist page was what caused people to question her involvement in the U.S. Army, specifically her being in charge of an all-male Infantry unit.

“The unit I ended up deploying with, thought it would be a fun idea to put me in charge of an all-male Infantry unit, where I quickly adopted the mouth of a sailor, fitting in well with the Soldiers I was charged with leading.”

As proof of the above statement being falsified, doubters utilized Lindsay Faith Lowery’s profile on Army Knowledge Online (AKO) as proof. Guardian of Valor countered supposed proof by pointing out the soldiers themselves update specified AKO profiles with information, such as deployments. Only rank is automatically updated, since it is tied to a CAC card.

To put this case to rest, Guardian of Valor started pulling Lindsay’s records, along with contacting the U.S. Army Human Resources Command (HRC) to cover all bases. Even Lindsay herself agreed to provide whatever documentation they required. Once a DD214 was provided, backed by a confirmation from the HRC, Guardian of Valor was able to confirm that Lindsay Faith Lowery was in the National Guard when she deployed. HRC even provided a statement on Lindsay’s position during her time in Iraq.

“She was assigned to B Company, 1st Battalion, 180th Infantry Regiment for mobilization purposes. While in Iraq she was platoon leader with command and control of a personnel platoon conducting ‘In Lieu of Military Police’ mission for the 400th Military Police Battalion’s Theater Internment Facility at Camp Bucca, Iraq.”

In conclusion, Guardian of Valor ended their investigation with a note to those accusing soldiers of stolen valor not to go half-cocked on someone when details are lacking. Lindsay Faith Lowery’s name and reputation has suffered because of those accusing her. The aftermath may also have a negative effect on both her personal life and career.

However, there is one final detail left to report about this situation: slander. Not only did many of Lindsay Faith Lowery’s doubters accuse her of stolen valor, but many of them resorted to slander (mostly sexist) pertaining to her involvement in the military. Such comments are seen mostly on POG Boot F***s prior to their deletion. For example, one such accuser stated that Lindsay must have done sexual favors to be in charge of an all-male Infantry unit. If the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) also protects retired military personnel from slander and Lindsay acquires their assistance, a lot of people might get in trouble.