‘Clash Of Clans’ Limited Time Update Brings About Fast Dragons and Barbarians [Video]

Clash of Clans hasn’t seen an update since the winter one, happening back in December. Clans fans were getting antsy, wondering when the next update will come about. Supercell, developer of Clash of Clans, decided it was about time to appease the masses by releasing a limited time update.

Game N Guide gives a brief explanation of the event.

“Players can train both Barbarians and Dragons up to FIVE TIMES FASTER! [emphasis theirs]”

“That means one Barbarian can be created every 4 seconds, while a Dragon can arrive every 6 minutes. That’s…that’s a lot of Barbarians and Dragons. I expect to get bowled over very quickly, and with great enthusiasm, over the course of the next few days.”

Supercell has yet to release word on how long the Clash of Clans update will last, so you better train up while you can.

Game N Guide hopes this even may open new avenues in the game.

“We are also taking submissions for a Barbarian/Dragon name, since Dragons are not widely used, there’s not a lot of use for one. But I think this event might change that entirely.”

Unfortunately, a full update for Clans still has yet to be seen. The news players do get about the update are, so far, mostly rumors. However, the Herald reports that a few tasty tidbits have been released.

“Details about the new update are already being reported, and it seems that the game is about to become even more intensive as another layer of depth is added to it.”

“Several changes have been introduced to the gameplay – users now have the ability to upgrade an entire row of walls in one move, and now they can also use elixir for upgrading their walls, unlike previous versions which only allowed the use of gold.”

One of the major requests from fans is the ability to upgrade Town Halls to level 11. According to the Herald, fans may not be disappointed.

“And of course, Town Hall 11 has been rumored to be coming in the new update, although this hasn’t been confirmed officially yet.”

This is added to other rumors, such as a shorter delay for regenerating troops’ health as well as a speed-up for the pace of the game as a whole. Training troops is become faster allowing for combats to happen in a more timely manner.

Since it has been almost two months since players have seen an advancement, Supercell should (hopefully) be releasing a Clash of Clans update very soon.

Are you a fan of Clash of Clans? What would you like to see in the next update?

[Image via Supercell]