John Castle, 76-Year-Old Millionaire, Breaks Waiter’s Finger

John Castle, a 76-year-old millionaire from Palm Beach, has been accused of breaking a waiter’s finger.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, readers. This finger-snapping assault may well have been in the name of self-defense, or a desperate act to protect a loved one, or – actually, no, it’s because the waiter brought a bill to the table. Yeah.

According to the Palm Beach Daily News, John Castle and his wife Marianne were dining out at Club Collette, a local institution for the well-heeled. Being an upmarket sorta place, diners at Club Colette are permitted to charge bills to accounts. This removes the hassle of a bill being delivered to a client’s table, and thus completely skips the need for them to communicate with people poorer than themselves. Handy!

Apparently, when one server forgot this golden rule and brought a bill to Castle’s table, the plutocrat lost it, yelling at the waiter, “You schmuck, why did you bring the bill to the table?”

He then (very weirdly) began twisting the 57-year-old waiter’s hand until the pain was “excruciating.” One visit to the doctor later, and the waiter was told his left ring finger was broken. The most awful part? The bill was brought to the table after Marianne Castle had requested it. The waiter had simply done his job.

The Palm Beach police force are now investigating the matter, but have yet to establish the full story. Castle, meanwhile, is refusing to speak to any media outlets. You can catch the full police report over at Eater.

[Via Palm Beach Daily News]