Chris Christie Falls Out Of Chair, Becomes Internet Sensation

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is making headlines once again, but this time around he’s not in hot water. Instead, he’s the butt of a pretty funny joke that’s spawned an irresistible Vine, a GIF, and a meme.

Christie was visiting Philadelphia’s SportsRadio 94WIP when chair-gate happened. He was a surprise guest and showed up for the 23rd annual Wing Bowl eating competition (we’re not kidding). As he greeted the DJays, Chris Christie took quite a tumble when he went to sit down in his chair. Somehow he managed to miss the chair completely, and wound up falling on the floor, and an icon was born.

Here’s the fall in gif form.

Chris Christie gif

And here’s Chris Christie falling out of his chair in Vine form, looped for your viewing pleasure.

The most interesting thing about this footage is that it was intentionally leaked by the radio station in the form of revenge. It’s said the fall happened in June of 2014. According to ABC News, Angelo Cataldi, the show’s host, is from New Jersey, and was “appalled” by how Christie decided to root for the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty petty of a reason to pull this kind of revenge, but we’re grateful this footage was released, especially on a Friday.

The two NFL teams that represent New Jersey are the New York Jets and the New York Giants. We’re guessing Christie didn’t get the memo.

Here’s the internet’s response from Christie’s chair-gate.

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