Amanda Sheppard, 29, Marries Bryan Ferry, 67

Roxy Music legend Bryan Ferry has tied the knot with PR worker Amanda Sheppard, who at 29-years-old is 36 years younger than the debonair old rocker. In the words of Mrs. Merton, we might never know what attracted Sheppard to the millionaire Bryan Ferry.

67-year-old Ferry, whose reputation as a ladies man is not exactly news – he dated Jerry Hall back in the 1970s before she left him for Mick Jagger – wed Sheppard in a private ceremony on the Turks and Caicos Islands.

According to Brit broadsheet The Daily Telegraph, Sheppard wore a white Lanvin dress, while Ferry showed up in a dark blue suit by Anderson & Sheppard. And here’s something: the couple met in 2009 through one of Ferry’s sons, and while that’s unusual enough, Sheppard was an ex-girlfriend of said son. Best not to dwell on that too much, methinks.

As for Sheppard, her career in public relations has now been put to one side, after Ferry (worth $45 million according to one ‘Rich List’ published in 2010) offered to financially support her for life. The mystery of her attraction to Ferry deepens.

The musician has four kids (Merlin, Tara, Isaac and Otis reportedly all attended last week’s ceremony) from a previous marriage of 21 years to Lucy Helmore, whom he divorced in 2003. When they married in 1982, the glowing bride was 14 years his junior, so Ferry’s taste for younger women is well-known.

But hey, at least he’s honest about it. When the Daily Mail asked the musician about the age difference between himself and Sheppard (how cynical), Ferry came back with:

“You never meet people your own age who aren’t married. Unless they are divorcees knocking about, that sort of thing.”

Fair enough. Our best wishes to the happy/financially supported couple.