Taylor Swift: America’s Sweetheart Was Hacked By Sympathizers Of Terrorist Organization ISIS

Earlier this week, major celebrity news sites reported that America’s Sweetheart, Taylor Swift, had her social accounts hacked.

According to The Inquisitr, an unknown hacker linked Taylor’s accounts to the accounts of a hacker group that said they had nude photos of the “Blank Space” singer. The hackers also promised to release these nude pictures on the internet unless they received three billion in an online currency similar to BitCoins.

Taylor called their bluff, wishing them well making fakes because they have nothing. It is possible that Taylor knew exactly what to do from a previous situation two years ago, when allegations of a sex tape circulated around social media.

However, there is one major detail that most of the major celebrity news sites omitted from their reports, and it may be because this detail centers around hard news. Apparently, Taylor Swift’s accounts weren’t just hacked by anyone, but by a group who are supposedly sympathizers for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

According to an article by IJReview, it reports that Taylor Swift’s fake tweets linked to the Twitter account of the leader of the hacking group Lizard Squad. Presently, the group of 15 hackers are notorious for attacking major technology companies. Some of their targets include Microsoft, Sony, and Facebook.

However, Lizard Squad’s most infamous notoriety is their alleged involvement with ISIS. As a matter of fact, Lizard Squad partook in certain events stereotypical of Islamic terror. This includes defacing the Malaysia Airline website and causing chaos for American Airlines by tweeting that explosives were on board a flight carrying John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. This prompted American Airlines to make an emergency landing in Phoenix, Arizona.

However, the connection between Lizard Squad and ISIS, or any other establishment underneath the Islamic State moniker, is unclear, as reported by the Washington Times. It just may be a coincidence that they call themselves the “Official Cyber Caliphate,” in which the latter is a term used by most Islamic terrorist organizations.

What’s probably most troubling about this news is the fact that entities associated with terrorist organizations, either factually established or alleged, are now utilizing pop culture for their means. There’s no word if any of Taylor Swift’s followers on Twitter paid any amount to Lizard Squad. However, it is plausible given the fact there are 51.6 million of them.

Now that you know Taylor Swift’s social accounts were hacked by a group allegedly in support of terrorist organizations such as ISIS, what are your views?