Naked Florida Gunman Perched on Rooftop, SWAT Deployed After Shots Fired

Victor Johnson

The SWAT team has been deployed to a scene where a naked male gunman is threatening to shoot anyone he sees.

The official Twitter account for the Palm Beach County Alerts run by David Coviello tweeted that the naked gunman is on the roof "acting psychotic" while "rolling around the floor" threatening to shoot whoever comes within eyesight.

Authorities have evacuated the scene and brought in emergency vehicles to assist with the unfolding situation. SWAT teams are in place and preparing to breach the building where the suspect is held up while negotiators are in talks with the naked man, trying to convince him to surrender to law enforcement.

Sputnik News reported that the man had only fired into the air, but he had threatened to harm himself and screamed, asking to see his pastor.

A veteran of local emergency services, David Coviello, claimed that police had indicated the unknown man was naked and rolling about on the rooftop while reportedly placing the weapon his mouth.

As a result of the incident, traffic in the area has reportedly been backed-up while police keep streets near the Federal and Dixie highways closed.

The Sputnik report contradicts the tweet from Palm Beach Alerts which indicated that the man had threatened to harm others, as it quoted a commenter as having said that "the guy has only threatened to harm himself, not anyone else."

Reportedly the guy has only threatened to harm himself, not anyone else — but hearing he fired a shot up (into the air) — that's why they're evacuating the immediate area

UPDATE: While this story was being composed, authorities arrested the naked gunner without any further incident. Palm Beach Alerts tweeted "#LakeWorth active shooter is now in custody without any further incident!!" and WPTV confirmed in a tweet that the standoff had ended "peacefully" in Lake Worth with the gunman taken into custody.

[Image via PBC Fire Rescue]