Heather Elvis Suspects Granted Bond After Lack Of Evidence Revealed

Missing woman Heather Elvis vanished over a year ago, and even though she hasn’t been found, officials in Horry County, South Carolina believe that Tammy and Sidney Moorer are behind her disappearance. That’s why the couple have been jailed for nearly a year themselves while the prosecution has refused to share the evidence they have against them. The State reports that Tammy and Sidney were each granted bond in the amount of $100,000.00.

The conditions surrounding their bond also dictate that neither of the suspects are to go within five miles of the Elvis home. Both Tammy and Sidney will be required to wear ankle monitors while free on bond as well, until their first scheduled hearing in May. No reports share whether or not the couple and their children will be protected from any of the clear threats that stand against them in their community. However, WTOC News reports that Judge Steven John had declined their bond previously due to fears of violence if they’d been released. This goes hand-in-hand with the claims made by both Sidney and Tammy prior to their arrest — that they were being stalked and shot at by members of their own community, folks who believed they had kidnapped and murdered Heather Elvis.

The Moorers were granted bond this week for a handful of reasons, but one important reason stands out from the rest. There is no physical evidence tying them to the disappearance of Heather Elvis. In fact, the prosecution has officially admitted that the only evidence they have against the Moorers is circumstantial. It’s also been confirmed that what circumstantial evidence exist against the Moorers is questionable at best. For instance, the prosecution is using surveillance footage that shows a black truck in the area around the time that Heather went missing. Sidney’s attorney noted that even though he has a black truck, so do hundreds of people in that area.

Heather Elvis’s family members were present at Friday’s bond hearing, and they were undoubtedly disappointed by the outcome. Earlier this week Terry Elvis expressed frustration at the lack of answers in his daughter’s case. She is still missing, after all, and the focus has remained largely on the two suspects who will soon be freed from jail. It should be noted that there have been no publicized searches for Heather in nearly a year, almost as long as she’s been missing. If the Moorers are not responsible for her disappearance, then there has been a lot of time wasted.

[Photo credit: Huffington Post]