‘Best Ever’ UFO Footage Over Brazil And Argentina Leaves Astronomers Scratching Their Heads

UFO hunters have declared a recent video clip showing a brightly burning “disc-like” UFO observed in the skies over Argentina and Brazil as the “best ever” UFO video after astronomers struggled to explain the mysterious flying object.

This video of the UFO was shot by a witness with a cell phone camera in Brazil, but the burning object was also seen by hundreds of people in the Frias, Argentina.

British and South American astronomers are puzzled about the mysterious v-shaped blazing UFO which was seen streaking across the sky in Frias, Argentina and in parts of Brazil. Witnesses said they saw the object change direction at least once.

Astonished locals in Frias offered different opinions about it. Many said they thought it was a meteor. Some described it as a “point radiating light and moving from one side to the other.”

Others said it was not the first time it has happened and that they saw a similar fiery object in 2014.

“What we saw was like a meteor.”

“Everyone is my house was surprised. In the sky there was a point radiating light and moving from one side to the other.”

However, astronomers said it was unlikely that the object was a meteor because it burned bright in the sky much longer than meteors normally do. Besides, it was observed to change direction. This, according to experts, is unusual for a meteor.

The confusion among astronomers and scientific experts about the object has caused excitement among UFO hunters and enthusiasts who are congratulating themselves over a rare recorded UFO sighting that scientists are unable to explain away easily.

According to UK’s Mirror, Dr. Sheila Kanani of the British Royal Astronomical Society was uncertain about it. But she said that while the object was something burning in the atmosphere, it certainly was not a comet.

“I’m pretty confident that it is just something burning up in our atmosphere. It is definitely not a comet though and could even be something like a paper lantern.”

However, some viewers of the footage on the website Unexplained Mysteries have ridiculed Kanani’s suggestion that it could have been a paper lantern, saying that such explanation of the fiery, v- and disc-shaped object was “lame.”

“A paper lantern? is she serious? omfg thats a BIG lantern, wow that is such a lame response from an ‘expert.’”

“They really do like the paper lantern explanation. They evidently feel it fits no matter what.”

Already, many UFO enthusiasts are speculating that the object was actually a type of alien craft. UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring recalls “orange ships that glow” from a sighting in 1981 by Carl Diaz who “met with aliens in Mexico.”

Do you agree with Waring that the flying object was an alien ship?

[Image: Nuevodiarioweb via UFO Sightings Daily]