Matt Damon, Ben Affleck Defend Tom Brady, Patriots, In Hilarious #Deflategate Skit [Video]

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and John Krasinski are just a few of the guys who got together for a #deflategate skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. According to People Magazine, a bunch of guys got their Boston accents out in an effort to have a little fun with the cheating claims made against the New England Patriots. Kimmel posted the video on YouTube, and it is now starting to go viral.

In the video, each celeb claims to be the “locker room guy,” the one responsible for deflating the AFC Championship footballs on game day at Gillette Stadium a couple of Sundays ago. According to Bleacher Report, all of the guys seemed to have a lot of fun with the skit, coming up with their best Boston names (i.e. Donald O’Donnell McDonald), and making sure that everyone knew that Tom Brady had nothing to do with any of this drama.

Of course, Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel had to play on their pretend-feud at the end of the skit, which was hilarious on its own.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the NFL has been conducting a pretty intense investigation ahead of the Super Bowl. Patriots coach Bill Belichick has denied having any knowledge of balls being intentionally deflated, and Tom Brady has also said he’s not sure what might have happened either. The Patriots organization have been cooperative throughout this process, but the guys have been trying to focus on Sunday’s big game.

[Photo courtesy of YouTube]