Zayn Malik's Fiancee Slyly Confirms She's Still Engaged, But Has Malik Fallen For Chloe Goodman?

Zayn Malik and fiancee Perrie Edwards are still going strong, and Perrie recently found a sly way to let Zayn's admirers know that she definitely plans on walking down the aisle with the One Direction star.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Perrie Edwards recently shared a photo of her engagement ring on Twitter. However, Zayn Malik's future wife tried to act like the point of her picture wasn't to flash the bling on her finger.

In the caption accompanying the Instagram photo below, Edwards points out that her hand is purple. According to the Little Mix star, her hand changed hues after she handled a purple bath bomb.

Perrie Edwards Engagement Ring

"That s**t moment your bath bomb dyes your hand purple!" Perrie wrote.

Because of Zayn Malik's busy schedule, he hasn't been able to spend a lot of time with Perrie Edwards. Judging from Perrie's Instagram posts, it appears that New Year's Eve was the last time the couple hung out together. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the couple rang in the New Year by dressing up like Edward Scissorhands and Cleopatra. Malik's birthday was just a few days later, but Edwards couldn't spend it with him because she was scheduled to be in the studio with Little Mix.

Perhaps Perrie's engagement ring selfie is a response to the doubters who believe that she and Zayn are on the outs and that Zerrie won't make it to the altar. Edwards has also tried to put the kibosh on any rumors about trouble in paradise by explaining that the only reason she and Malik aren't married yet is simply because they haven't had enough time to plan their ceremony.

"We'll get there eventually when we're not too busy to make it perfect," Edwards told BANG Showbiz.

In the meantime, Perrie might want to keep her eye on other girls who catch Zayn Malik's eye. According to the Mirror, Celebrity Big Brother star Chloe Goodman recently boasted that Malik started following her Twitter. She reportedly got giggly while talking about her mega-famous new fan, and she revealed that Zayn isn't the only boy band member who enjoyed watching her on Celebrity Big Brother.

"I think One Direction are quite big fans of CBB. They watch it every night," Goodman said.

Chloe didn't share her feelings about Zayn Malik, but "All About That Bass" singer Meghan Trainor wasn't afraid to talk about what she'd like to do to doe-eyed crooner. During a recent interview with Capital FM, Meghan played a game called "Lips, Wife, Leave It," which is just another name for "F**k, Marry, Kill." Meghan said that she'd enjoy a "full-on makeout sesh" with Malik, and she tried to tempt him by boasting that she's "an amazing kisser." However, Edwards doesn't have to worry about Trainor heading to the chapel with Malik -- Meghan thinks that Niall Horan makes the best marriage material. She would "leave" poor Harry Styles because of their working relationship.

Do you think Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards will get married this year, or will their relationship fizzle because they're forced to spend so much time apart?

[Images via Perrie Edwards, Zayn Malik/Instagram]