Top Marathoner Banned Because Of Doping

Elite marathon runner Rita Jeptoo was just banned for two years from competing in any marathons.

So why exactly was Jeptoo banned? It technically all began in September of 2014 when Jeptoo first tested positive for a “banned substance,” according to NPR.

Jeptoo had tested positive for erythropoitin, or EPO, which is said to “stimulates the production of red blood cells.”

Athletics Kenya released a statement on their Facebook page confirming the test results and their decision.

Athletics Kenya stated, “Athletics Kenya would like to confirm that it has sanctioned Rita Jeptoo for 2 years effective from October 30, 2014 to October 29, 2016 following the results of A sample and B sample having used the prohibited substance EPO.”

Jeptoo’s case was heard before the Athletics Kenya committee Thursday when they decided that Jeptoo would be banned.

Other possible consequences for the top marathoner? According to, Jeptoo could also face, “possible forfeiture of championships and more than $1 million in lost prize money.”

Jeptoo was a rising star before news of her use of banned substances. The top marathoner had won the Boston Marathon multiple times, becoming the women’s champion. She is also a two-time winner in the Chicago marathon.

People seem to have mixed feelings about the results of Jeptoo’s being banned, with some saying it “should be a lifetime ban.”

Should be a lifetime ban. Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon champ Rita Jeptoo banned 2 years for doping. #running

— James Koole (@jameskoole) January 30, 2015

Jeptoo is not the only sports star to be banned for using banned substances. Other notable athletes who were banned for doping include Ben Johnson, Marion Jones, and Tim Montgomery. And who could forget seven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong?

Armstrong, who inspired so many with his so-called successful return to cycling after a battle with cancer, lost deals with Nike and even stepped down from Livestrong after his 2012 doping case.

It’s cases like these that leave many questioning the actual athletic ability of so many of today’s top athletes.

As of right now, Jeptoo has not commented.

So when will this top marathoner be able to run again? The banned Rita Jeptoo will be able to compete in marathons on October 29, 2016.

[Photo Courtesy of ESPN]