Five Beauty Tips That Aren’t: These Hacks Can Hurt You

Run a quick search for beauty tips and you’ll find all sorts of interesting hacks and remedies. While many are fantastic and some might or might not work, there are a few that can actually harm you. Avoid irritation, breakouts, and other beauty nightmares by skipping these scary tips.

Use Permanent Marker Instead of Liquid Eyeliner

As popular tips go, this is among the worst to try – and just because Taylor Swift has tried it doesn’t mean it’s a safe beauty alternative. Your eyes are incredibly sensitive, and the harsh fumes from a permanent marker can cause redness and irritation. As if this weren’t enough, you’ll be stuck with ink on your face if you slip up. In a recent look at beauty tips, Everyday Health says there is actually a great reason to keep a permanent marker in your makeup bag. It can be used to write expiration dates on makeup so you know when to throw it out.

Make Your Own Glow-In-The-Dark-Nail Polish

Some glow-in-the-dark nail polish brands are expensive, so why not go the route of breaking open a glow stick and mixing it with clear polish to create DIY glow-in-the-dark nail polish? This is one of those beauty tips that sounds great on the surface, but according to KETV Omaha, poison control experts warn that the chemicals in glow sticks can cause mild to severe irritation.

Skip Skin Primer: Try Milk of Magnesia Instead

Milk of Magnesia is an antacid and laxative that turns chalky when it dries. Long rumored to work as a stand-in for pricier skin primers, this cheapskate beauty solution can actually cause bad breakouts by causing a growth environment for bacteria. Here’s why: Your skin is acidic, with a pH of 4.2 to 4.6 while Milk of Magnesia has a pH level of 10 to 10.5. Apply just a little high-quality skin primer with the tips of your fingers to get the look you want without risking pimples.

Use Urine to Lighten Hair

Most of us have gotten bad makeup tips and beauty advice, but this particular one puts you at risk of smelling like a urinal. Better alternatives include an inexpensive at-home lightening kit or a trip to a professional colorist for some beautiful highlights that don’t leave an offensive odor behind.

Use Hairspray to Set Makeup

Hairspray definitely has its place in your beauty routine, but tips that encourage you to use it on your skin are best ignored. Not only does hairspray contain toxic fumes, it contains polymers that make a sticky mess, block pores, and lead to nasty breakouts.

Now that you know what to avoid, the Inquisitr has you covered with some inexpensive beauty tips that really do work.

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