North Carolina Bear Lady Kay Grayson Killed By Beloved Bears She Handfed?

“Bear lady” of North Carolina Kay Grayson was torn to pieces by the bears she was famous for feeding, according to the local sheriff. The remains of Grayson, 67, were found near her home in the woods, only hair, bones, and torn clothing were present when the authorities arrived.

Kay Grayson lived in Tyrrell County, North Carolina. The bear lady’s remains were found on Monday, two weeks after she was reported missing. Sheriff Darryl Liverman thinks multiple bears attacked Grayson about 100 yards from her remote home.

“Based on what we saw, we do believe that she was dragged into the woods by bears or multiple bears. The remains were on a path was used by bears. Her clothing had been ripped by what appeared to be bears,” Sheriff Liverman told Fox News. “She fed the bears a lot. But we do not know if bears actually killed her.”

Bear lady Kay Grayson had spent the past two decades feeding the bears dog food and peanuts. Grayson lived in an off-the-grid home without running water, electricity, or a phone. The North Carolina bear lady had named her home, Bearsong.

Last year, Grayson reportedly stopped feeding the bears after North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission Sergeant Mark Cagle warned her of the dangers associated with such activities.

“Grayson loved all of nature, especially bears. She was a really nice lady,” Sergeant Cagle said.

The North Carolina bear lady had recently contacted Cagle to let him know that it had been the quietest bear season since she had experienced since moving to the area.

Since 1900, approximately 61 people in American have reportedly been killed by black bears. Six of the deadly bear attacks have occurred in the past five years. Black bear attacks now outnumber brown bear attacks, according to wildlife officials.

The North Carolina bear lady often contacted law enforcement authorities to complain about hunters. Due to the lack of remains, the sheriff cannot conclusively note that Kay Grayson was killed by bears. She could have died from natural causes or other circumstances and then been eaten by the same beloved bears she once hand-fed in the North Carolina Outer Banks region.

What do you think happened to North Carolina bear lady Kay Grayson?

[Image via: WFMY News 2/Virginia Pilot/Drew C. Wilson]