Chante, Lewis, Paris Hilton deny involvement in Chris Brown Rihanna beating

Duncan Riley

Was Chris Brown messing around with another woman, leading to the fight that put Rihanna in hospital?

That question remains unanswered, but three women linked to Brown have all denied involvement.

Paris Hilton told Radar Online “That’s ridiculous and an outright lie...I was not ‘all over him’ as some magazine reported. I said, ‘hello’ and that was it. I love Rihanna and that never happened."

A rep for Leona Lewis also denied any involvement “Leona was at Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy party with her family and boyfriend and had nothing whatsoever to do with any argument that may have ensued between Chris and Rihanna. Any allegations that the pair had flirted are completely false.”

Last but not least, Keisha Chante's Manager also denying her involvement, saying that "This is another unsubstantiated, untrue report; she was nowhere near the incident in any way. She was nowhere near Rihanna or Chris Brown. She had nothing to do with any of that."

Chante's manager says that Chante has been "getting frantic" after receiving phone calls from people about the reported rumours. She says that Chante barely knows Brown and rumours involving the two have been floating around for a while.

"She's not even dating Chris! I think they met a few years back, probably three or four years ago in Canada...But that's it. It's crazy - there's been a continuous kind of reporting of them linked together, and this has been the worst of it all. But, no - she had absolutely nothing to do with them or any of that."

So was their another woman, and who is it?