‘Once Upon A Time’ Season Four Spoilers – Where Did Robin Hood End Up?

Brace yourselves – I’ve got some spoilers for the midseason return of ABC’s popular fairy tale based drama, Once Upon A Time.

The first part of season four of Once Upon A Time ended in December with a whole lot of drama. First, we got a preview of who the residents of Storybrooke are going to have to battle next after the Ice Queen and characters from Frozen found their happy ending.

The fairy tale residents will be facing off against the “Queens of Darkness,” Ursula, Cruella, and Maleficent.

Then there was the fact that Belle reached her breaking point with Gold’s selfish ways and, using the Dark One’s dagger, ordered him to leave Storybrooke to never return.

We saw Gold, who’s played by Robert Carlyle, crumple as he was pushed outside the invisible line that protected Storybrooke from unwanted visitors.

And then we also saw poor Regina send her love, Robin Hood, and his wife out of Storybrooke also in order to break a curse that was killing Marian. It leaves you with a good question – where are they all going to go?

Storybrooke is supposedly set in Maine, and yet it seems that all characters who leave Storybrooke end up in the same exact place…the Big Apple.

We got a quick preview of Mr. Gold ending up in New York City at the midseason finale, but now here’s a spoiler, Robin Hood and his family also end up in the city that never sleeps.

“New photos from YVR Shoots tease that the family will somehow end up in New York City,” according to International Business Times.

The Daily Mail added that Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire, was “filmed charging through a sea of pedestrians, an alarmed expression creasing his features” as he chased down a purse thief sans bow and arrow.

The filming of the remainder of season four began just Tuesday, and although the setting is supposedly New York City, the cast and crew of Once Upon A Time are actually filming in Vancouver, British Columbia.

So what else can we expect from Once Upon A Time once it returns? Will Gold and the Queens of Darkness return to Storybrooke? Will Regina stay a hero or will she go back to being evil? Will she ever be reunited with her love?

They’re not giving us too much more other than a change of scenery for the fourth season, although we do know that Pinocchio, played by Eion Bailey, will also make a short return to Once Upon A Time.

Maybe it’s better not to know too much as fans are forced to wait another month before Once Upon A Time returns to ABC on March 1.

[Photo Courtesy of TV Line]