Could Binge-Watching TV Shows Be Dangerous Viewing?

It’s time to put down that remote according to researchers in Austin, Texas who have been looking at how binge-watching TV could be dangerous viewing.

With video streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and certain TV shows that make their entire series available online, the ability to watch multiple episodes at once has become more and more common.

So what exactly takes it from watching to binge-watching? According to Newsweek, researchers at the University of Texas classified it as “watching three or more episodes at a time.” Anyone else feeling guilty right now, especially since Netflix put the entire Friends series online?

You’re not alone, though, the researchers found that, “seventy-five percent of study responders said they binge-watched, doing so mostly on streaming websites such as Netflix and Hulu.”

How could watching multiple episodes at a time be considered dangerous viewing? What did the researchers find out about the people who do binge-watch?

What the researchers found was enough to make anyone turn off the TV for a little while. “The authors, who concede that they too binge-watch, were correct: they discovered a correlation between binge-watching and loneliness, depression, and having self-regulation deficiency, which is an inability to control compulsions.”

So basically, if you binge on TV, you’re likely to binge on other unhealthy things and to be depressed and lonely, too.

And, according to the Badger Herald, don’t forget that it’s also dangerous because “this sedentary behavior…takes away time from activities like studying and exercise.” They also point out that sitting, or lying down, viewing TV for that long can be dangerous to your weight and your waist.

So staying on the couch for too long has been proven to be dangerous to both your mental and your physical health.

The researchers went on to say that it all comes down to a keyword, “binge.”

“Binge has this negative connotation…except for when it comes to watching TV. That got us curious.”

Well thanks to their study, binge and TV can now be added to that “negative connotation” category together.

The researchers concluded their work by saying, “This should no longer be viewed as a ‘harmless’ addictive behavior.”

So, sorry Netflix and Hulu. While I’m sure the public in general will still enjoy your services every once in a while, I know that I won’t be binge-watching TV shows quite as much anymore.

[Photo Courtesy of The Corridor Of Uncertainty]