Aja Brown: Pretty, Young, Black Mayor Making Big Changes In Compton Despite Suge Knight

Mayor Aja Brown is pretty, young, and African American. But she is more than that. She is a tough no-nonsense mayor who is making big changes in Compton — and the changes are all positive.

ABC News’ Robin Williams is reporting that 32-year old-Aja Brown is trying to change the way people see Compton. The hardworking mayor also wants to change conditions in the community to make it a safer place for residents.

Compton, a city known for its roots in gangster rap, has also been a city plagued with brutal violence over the past two decades. Aja Brown brings a new perspective and a story that hits close to home.

In the ABC News report, Mayor Brown reveals that her own grandmother was murdered during a home invasion in Compton in the 1970s. That murder case is still unsolved. Aja’s mother was so hurt that she immediately packed up and moved away.

The impact of that home invasion — though deeply disturbing and negative — has encouraged Brown to make an impact on the city of Compton with a punch.

About those changes, she states, “The days of pay to play politics is over.”

One beautiful change is the implementation of a new after-school program that encourages music development. It is a safe place for the children in the community to gather after school for some much-needed enrichment. More than that, the brand new center also employs guards for an added measure of security.

Aja Brown’s commitment to change has created a drop in crime and unemployment. According to the latest stats, crime in Compton is down 25 percent and unemployment is down 5 percent.

An influx of jobs for community residents is also being seen. And it doesn’t stop there. Brown says that she will be bringing in major retail businesses to Compton, which will bring in more money for the infamous city.

The people of Compton couldn’t be happier with their mayor who was elected in 2013, and to date, is the youngest mayor elected in the history of Compton. Here are some of their expressions.

“My good Friend and Awesome Dyanmic, did I say young Leader! So proud to work along your side!”

“When you’re done in Compton, please come clean up Tulsa, Oklahoma.”

“Kathy Lane Lovely to see an official do so much for her city! Great job!”

“You represent us so very WELL!”

“Love her”

The Aja Brown report comes just after news of rapper Suge Knight’s arrest for the hit and run murder of Terry Carter, a former friend of Knight. The hit and run incident happened after an argument on the set of the upcoming film Straight Outta Compton. Knight is currently under arrest.

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