Cory McCloskey: Phoenix Weatherman Has Hilarious Response When Weather Map Accidentally Displays Apocalyptic Temperatures

The Phoenix weatherman was quick on his feet when the station’s weather map as he calmly continued to report temperatures that indicated hell on earth.

The incident happened on Tuesday’s broadcast, with four-digit temperatures being displayed when the Fox 10 Phoenix weatherman went to a temperature map of the entire state of Arizona. “Wow, 750 degrees in Gila Bend right now” McCloskey said as he began to notice the errors on the map.

Instead of moving on or apologizing for the technical difficulties, Cory McCloskey decided to go with it and reported the temperatures as if they were real.

“1,270 in Ahwatukee right now … I’m not authorized to evacuate, but that temperature seems pretty high,” he said.

McCloskey continued on, saying that temperatures in Cave Creek were hot enough to boil steel, and that at 2,385 degrees, Wickenburg was “a total loss.”

The video of Cory McCloskey’s hilarious response was posted to the station’s Facebook page and has since gone viral, getting shared more than 6 million times.

“In the world of live news sometimes technology just doesn’t cooperate. That’s why it’s important to have smart people who can handle the heat,” the station noted in its post.

McCloskey appeared humbled by all the attention his deadpan response garnered, and on Wednesday the weatherman left a message to thank fans:

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, friends, for sharing my recent ridiculousness all over your Facebook walls! 3.6 million views? CRAZY! You’ve made for a really wild and hilarious ride this week! I’ve included the link below, in case you haven’t seen it yet… Let’s keep the ball rolling! Who knows where we’ll come to a stop? LOL See you in the morning!

Luckily for Cory McCloskey and the people of Arizona, the graphic was fixed by the next broadcast and temperatures around the state returned to normal. But if the Apocalypse should come anytime soon, the Phoenix weatherman seems to be ready.