North Korea Tourism Trips Now Available After Winter Hiatus

If the beaches of Florida are too sunny for you and you don’t care for the romanticism of Paris perhaps you’ll think about taking your next trip in North Korea. After a short winter hiatus the countries top officials have announced that the country is opened for business to everything except journalists and South Koreans.

The announcement to re-open the countries tourism sector came from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and follows a month-long winter hiatus which culminated with the death of Kim Jong Il.

While North Korea has allowed visitors for some time now there simply aren’t many takers, in fact the largest tour guide company in the country took just 1500 people in 2011.

Anyone except the two groups noted above can visit the country with the one big consideration being that you must stay with your tour group the entire time.

Leaving from Beijing group members should expect to pay approximately $1600 for a four day excursion which includes the cost of visas, food, lodging, support and guides. Among the trips highlights are Mount Paektu, visit to the northern side of the demilitarized zone and a seat at the MAss Games, a highly choreographed song and dance performance that includes tens of thousands of dancers.

While tourism is still scares in the region it has increased by three to four times over the last decade as more interested parties travel to the country to see it for themselves.

Would you be interested in traveling to North Korea to see the country for yourself?