Wildlife Enthusiast Finds Something Terrifying Waiting Patiently Inside His Fox Trap [Video]

A wildlife enthusiast who enjoys capturing and isolating foxes in a cage so he can study them before releasing them back into the wild, recently discovered something a lot more feisty and fierce than a fox had wandered into his trap by mistake.

When the unnamed man with a natural affinity with wild animals returned to check on his trap one fine morning, expecting to find a unsuspecting, bewildered and frightened fox trapped in his claustrophobic and makeshift cage, he finds something that upped the ante somewhat in terms of trapping wild animals.

In his trap, which wouldn’t look out of place in the Blair Witch Project or the Walking Dead, he stumbled across something not quite as terrifying as a zombie or old hag of the woods, but something just as lethal and capable of spontaneous and and deadly acts of violence.

For waiting in the trap, snarling, spitting, baying for blood and furiously pacing in a terrible rage because it had been imprisoned in such an underhanded way, was, drum roll please, a mountain lion.

This beautiful big cat who – born free to live wild, and become both master and commander of her destiny – ended up trapped and vulnerable in little more than a fortified rabbit hut. Oh the indignity! Needless to say, the mountain lion was more than a bit miffed at being put in such a predicament.

The cat’s anger is evident in the YouTube video uploaded by the wildlife enthusiast’s wife, Justin Casey. Snarling and hissing, the lady lion launches itself at the door of the cage every time the wildlife enthusiast draws near.

Full marks to the man. in the five minute plus video he does seem to be trying his hardest to rectify his mistake and liberate the beast in a very hands-on and confrontational fashion. Which is not something that goes down at all well with one YouTube commentator going by the name of ActionFigureReview7.

“Wow talk about dumb! I’ve seen cats get out of traps pissed and turn around and attack the one that let it free! How about tie a rope to the bottom of that cage door get in the truck and pull the rope? But no you had to be filmed risking your life.”

Another YouTube user called Paddzonik YT is also livid after watching the man/beast confrontation.

“The only animals in this video are the two with the camera!! Such a trap shouldn’t even exist!”

The Mirror reports that since it is illegal to trap a mountain lion, the couple had to find a way to set the unhappy animal free, and that’s exactly what they did, in a brave, some would say stupid fashion. The man can be seen gingerly propping the door open with a stick before creeping carefully behind the trap and praying that the lion chooses to run off into the distance and not decide to get some payback first by tearing the throat out of its captors.

As the wildlife enthusiast’s wife put it, “These traps are a little tricky to release which left my husband very exposed to the animal waiting inside. And she was not a happy cat! She hissed and swiped at him multiple times. Very intense!”

Fortunately for the man, he lives to trap another day, because within a few tense seconds of the door being open and his fate hanging in the balance, the lion launches itself out of the cage and without even looking around returns to the wild and to her freedom at full pelt. She’s obviously got better things to do.