Occupy Wall Street Searches For Accountant To Manage Donations

As Occupy Wall Street continues to spread into a full fledge organization with branches throughout the United States the organization is said to be searching for an account who would be responsible for managing its funds.

To find an accountant the group formed a subcommittee called the OWS Accounting Working Group and has begun interviewing possible matches for the position. The subcommittees top choice must then be approved by the organizations General Assembly.

According to various reports the groups coffers have reached approximately $230,000 while an additional $100,000 has been set aside as a bail fund for jailed Occupiers.

While hiring an accountant might seem like a strange move for the anti-corporate regime they point out that such an employee would provide the group with the transparency they desire while essentially working as an independent auditor.

The group also helps that their accountant can quickly help resolve any money disputes, such as the time when a group of drummers demanded $8,000 for their participation in OWS events.

The move to bring in an outside accountant could also be what the organization needs to show potential supporters that their money is going to good use, while Occupy Wall Street use to bring in tens of thousands of dollars every single day they have failed to drum up the same type of support recently with just $215 earned on January 3rd. and $320 received on the 4th.

Do you think an OWS accountant can give the organization enough credibility to once again begin receiving large sums of support cash?