The Foul-Mouthed Teddy Bear Is Back – Universal Pictures Releases Trailer For 'Ted 2' [Video]

Universal Pictures somehow managed to make even a cute and cuddly teddy bear look and sound downright nasty in Ted. Now the production house is back with a sequel. Ted 2 is expected to hit the movie screens at the end of June.

Ted was meant strictly for adults owing to the foul language and other risque material, despite containing a huggable teddy bear that comes alive following a wish from his owner. Now Universal Pictures, the production house that made Ted, has released a trailer for its sequel, simply titled Ted 2.

Though, frankly speaking, it's hard to believe that Ted, a movie about a talking stuffed teddy bear, is as funny as it was, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane created a quirky masterpiece based on the juvenile imaginations of children who want their toys to come alive and interact with them. Now Seth and Universal Pictures are back with the hotly anticipated sequel, Ted 2.

The movie again stars Mark Wahlberg, and MacFarlane does Ted's voice, of course. However, this time they're joined by a new cast of characters, including Amanda Seyfried and even Morgan Freeman. Even though Ted 2 has a long wait ahead, it already has its own hashtag: #LegalizeTed. The reason why becomes clear when watching the official trailer for the follow-up to the hit 2012 comedy, which debuted online Thursday.

The sequel finds Ted attempting to tie the knot with his girlfriend Tami-Lynn, with his "thunder buddy" John serving as his best man. However, there are many a troubles that lie in the way of Ted and marital bliss. Ted has not only to prove his unflinching commitment to both – the love of his life and John – but he has to get himself legally recognized as a "person" too. Not only is Ted legally barred from marrying Tami, but he cannot even "start a family" because Ted isn't acknowledged as a person in the human world, yet.

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So with the help of John and a female attorney named Sam L. Jackson played by Amanda Seyfried, Ted initiates a campaign to prove his person-hood in a court of law. At this point, an attorney, played by Morgan Freeman, offers some finer points on winning his case.

"(If) you want to be considered human in the eyes of the law, the important thing about being human is making a contribution to society."

Needless to say, this will surely be tough for Ted, especially considering the crazy antics of the huggable but downright nasty teddy bear. Not to mention, Ted is an avid addict of drugs and alcohol. Combined with his fetish for women and sitcom characters from the 1980s, will Ted finally be able to settle down and have a "normal" family? What about John and his life? Such questions may only be answered when the movie releases on June 26.

[Image Credit | Universal Pictures]