Weed News: Cops Find 1,495-Pound Marijuana Stash Inside Texas Man’s Porta-Potty Truck

Cops in Texas pulled over a porta-potty truck that turned out to be a portable pot truck. Authorities who searched the vehicle’s waste collection tank discovered 1,495 pounds of cannabis.

The Texan who was pulled over, 42-year-old Jose Navarro of Laredo, Texas, owns the waste company whose truck was packed full of vacuum-sealed pot. Lieutenant David Beyer of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office indicated to the New York Daily News that a K-9, Lobos, was sent to search the vehicle’s tank and had a difficult time locating the contraband. Eventually, the dog led his narcotics officer to the drugs, which were located within the waste containment tank.

The pot was vacuum sealed before being placed into dozens of black plastic trash bags, then stuffed inside of the truck’s container located at the rear, on the bed of the truck.

Upon searching the container, authorities discovered that a couple of bags were ripped, and Beyer indicated that he didn’t think the drugs were “any good because there was actual waste in there.” Beyer indicated that the truck “smelled pretty rough,” and that an officer “had to climb inside the truck” to fish the drugs out.

The Laredo man driving the vehicle was arrested on charges of drug possession after being pulled over on Wednesday afternoon. The arrest took place after the individual was pulled over on Interstate 10. Additional charges are pending once the department obtains the full weight of the seized pot.

According to Beyer, Navarro told authorities that he was experiencing financial difficulties which led him to smuggling drugs.

Navarro consented to a search of his vehicle after law enforcement pulled him over. Authorities indicated that there were red flags in his story which led to the request to search the vehicle. The suspect was under the impression that the smelly truck would mask the odor of the large quantity of cannabis concealed in the back. However, the police canine was eventually able to determine what was inside.

The sheriff’s department provided a picture which depicts the waste management truck’s large stash of pot stored within dozens of black plastic garbage bags.

Authorities indicated that there were roughly 10 to 15 big arrests of drug smugglers last year on the same stretch of roadway where Jose Navarro was apprehended by police. Lt. Beyer indicated that some of the cases involved quantities which were even larger than that of Wednesday’s bust, however, this recent bust was definitely unusual due to the involvement of the waste truck. He also indicated that it was not something they would forget anytime soon, and that it had taken “everything” he had to work at the scene due to the “pitiful” stench emanating from the vehicle.

“It took everything I had when working (at the scene of the bust) because it smelled pitiful.”

KXAN reported that Sheriff Keith Korenek had indicated that a narcotics canine unit of the local sheriff’s office had pulled the truck over after a traffic violation around 1:30 p.m. at the 659 mile-marker on Interstate 10, and that officials were apparently tipped off that something wasn’t quite right after speaking to the suspect. Authorities removed the lid to the vacuum tank and what was wrong was made apparent, as the tank was full of marijuana bundles, which they then unloaded.

Navarro has been charged with possession of marijuana for the nearly 1,500 pounds of pot in his truck.

In related weed news on Inquisitr, a pair from Nevada men were recently pulled over in Ohio, where authorities discovered 235 pounds of pot. Local law enforcement estimated its value at nearly $1.2 million.

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[Image via NY Daily]