Bing Beats Out Yahoo, Now Second Place To Google In U.S. Search

Yahoo continues on the decline and this time it’s showing when it comes to search. New search numbers from comScore show that Microsoft’s search engine Bing is now in second place for the U.S. search market. Google, of course, is still number one.

The findings were from month to month. From November 2011 to December 2011, Bing only gained 0.1% market share which put it at 15.1%, however, Yahoo dropped from 15.1% to 14.5%, a 0.6% drop in just one month.

Google has been the top dog in the U.S. search market for quite a while now. They’re still the go to search engine and had 12 Billion requests in December which worked out to a whopping 65.9% market share. Quite the lead having over four times the share of Microsoft’s search engine.

Via USA Today:

“Other research firms track the Internet search market. But comScore’s numbers matter the most to industry analysts and the companies trying to attract queries so they can make more money from the ads that appear alongside the results. Google’s dominance of online search is the main reason it has established itself as the Internet’s most profitable company.”

With the news of Bing surpassing Yahoo, one could assume that means they’re doing well financially as well, though that doesn’t exactly mean that in this case.

“Pursuing Google has come at a huge cost for Microsoft, which still makes most of its money from the Windows operating software and other software it sells for personal computers. Microsoft’s online division, which is anchored by Bing, has suffered operating losses of about $7 billion since June 2008.”