Teen Mom Amber Portwood Not Doing So Well – Suicide Watch… Again

She’s up, she’s down, she’s fighting for redemption, she’s losing her mind. One thing about Amber Portwood is certain: the girl is very news-worthy lately. Just today, Inquisitr told you about her letter from jail, promising to change her life and be a good mom after all to daughter, Leah. Despite what looks like a hopeful turnaround for the troubled young mom, the 21-year-old reality starlet is on suicide watch again after a failed attempt last June that put her in the hospital, and later rehab.

An anonymous insider spilled the beans on Portwood’s condition:

“Amber recently told the guard if she was sent to prison she would kill herself, which put the Teen Mom on temporary suicide watch,” the insider said “Amber is really depressed and alone and they won’t give her any prescription medication for her anxiety.”

Furthermore, there’s no love lost between Portwood and her jail-mates:

“Amber has already been moved twice from two other cell blocks because all the inmates were threatening her and she was scared she’d get beat up, […] One girl knocked of Amber’s food tray and another inmate threw toilet water in her face while she was trying to sleep.”

She should probably just show them some of the moves she’d reserved for milquetoast baby-daddy Gary. Still, loneliness is also becoming a factor:

“Amber feels threatened that she is being replaced as Leah’s mom and she didn’t even have a chance to buy her daughter Christmas gifts before going to jail, […] Gary thinks Amber being in jail for a long period of time is a good thing for her, he thinks she needs to finally learn her lesson and suffer the consequences.”

Since her imprisonment, the only person who has visited Portwood is her mother, Tonya.

“She’s barely eaten or had any sleep in over a week and she’s constantly being harassed in jail because of Teen Mom,”

The insider also opined that at first, Portwood was nonplussed at the threat of jail-time, thinking that her celebrity status would protect her. Now that the reality of it is setting in, she’s losing her grip. Tonya has offered her wayward daughter help in getting out of jail, but on one condition: quit Teen Mom.

“I really think this is the final straw for Amber, she’s quitting Teen Mom for good,” noted the insider.

In any case, Portwood, who is in prison for probation violation, is staying where she’s at until at least January 27th, the date of her next hearing.

Do you think that Teen Mom bears any culpability for Amber Portwood’s legal problems or psychological condition? If not, do you think her quitting the show will help her change?