The Dark Knight Rises Tickets Are Already Selling, Here’s Why

Though The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t hit theaters until July 20th, fast thinking by enterprising theater owners has the film already selling out midnight showings.

Fandango began discreetly selling tickets to the summer juggernaut on Monday, selling out midnight screenings in New York and Los Angeles.

But why? Well, back in December, theater chain AMC held a couple of pre-release screenings of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in IMAX before public release for itchy fans dying to see The Dark Knight Rises‘ 6-minute prologue on an IMAX screen. While it was happening, AMC managers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco had an impromptu poll, asking those in attendance who among them would be interested in buying midnight tickets for the July 19th showing of Christopher Nolan’s final entry into his epic Batman film series.

Despite the fact that the film doesn’t screen for several more months, the response was an overwhelming “Hell YES!”, and tickets began selling out instantly.

Based on the on-site demand, Fandango decided to start selling additional tickets for the IMAX-worthy film. In case you didn’t know, The Dark Knight Rises contains about 40 minutes of film shot entirely with IMAX format cameras, meaning you’re not going to get the ideal picture unless you make the pilgrimage to your nearest IMAX venue come July.

IMAX is already working a strategy to be your number one choice for theater film-going, and alongside Nolan’s typical guerilla-marketing style of teasers and hints, IMAX is helping build a hum before the wide release.

The Dark Knight Rises stars Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, along with Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Miranda Tate and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It’s being brought to you by the same crack-team that put together the first two installments, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Do I even need to ask if you’re going to go see The Dark Knight Rises? For the two of you that aren’t planning on it, would seeing it in IMAX change your mind?