‘Teen Mom 2’ Split: Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Reportedly End Engagement! Was Courtland Rogers Involved?

News of a Teen Mom 2 split has just hit the web.

Just weeks after their St. Thomas engagement, Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith have reportedly ended their relationship, and according to a source, Evans’ ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, may have been the cause.

As the Inquisitr reported hours ago, Griffith took to Twitter on January 29, publicly declaring he was saying “goodbye” to Evans.

“I’m not sitting here listening to your bulls**t anymore. I’m tire [sic] of constantly being disrespected and dragged down. I’m especially not going to sit here while God only knows what the f*** you’re doing. It’s public it’s official! Goodbye @PBandJenelley_1.″

A short time after Griffith’s posts were shared, Evans seemingly responded to their Teen Mom 2 split.

“Can’t even come visit @kdub_910h lmfao God help me. Want to hold my hand?”

Evans also shared another tweet around the same time, which read, “Oh she isn’t innocent either.”

In looking at the tweets shared by the person Evans was speaking to, the “she” noted in the tweet was her on-again, off-again best friend, Tori Rhyne, who recently spent time with Rogers. While it was unclear what Rhyne and Rogers were doing together, Rogers did take the time to share a photo of the two of them on Twitter.

“Me and tori lol the other night,” he captioned the photo, in which Rhyne was seen giving the middle finger.

According to a report by Starcasm, the Teen Mom 2 split may have been prompted by Evans’ desire to spend time with a mutual friend of Rogers. Then, after Evans discovered her ex was hanging with Rhyne, the two reportedly got into a bit of a dispute, which promoted Evans to share a screenshot of a message between herself and Rhyne. In the message, Rhyne alleged Rogers had paid her to take the photo with him.

On Twitter, in since deleted tweets, Rogers revealed he was still in love with Evans.

“I still love her with all my heart.”

“Y’all don’t understand how much she means to me.”

Then, after a group of fans encouraged Rogers to go after his ex-wife, he revealed they aren’t on the best of terms.

“How?? She hates me :( There’s nothing I can do she would never that’s what hurts.”

Since Evans and Griffith have been filming for the last few weeks, there’s a good chance this Teen Mom 2 split could be seen during the series’ upcoming sixth season.

[Photo via Twitter]