Nobody Wants to Work with LiLo!

It looks like Lindsay Lohan’s reputation has preceded itself, since nobody really wants to work with her anymore. According to recent reports, Lindsay was pulled from “Manson Girls” because there weren’t any well-known actresses willing to star alongside her. Of course, her rep has released a statement that “She is not able to do the film as she has signed on to the film ‘Labor Pains’ and the TV show ‘Ugly Betty’ and the dates conflict.” Maybe they’re just afraid that all their stuff is going to get stolen?

That’s being said, perhaps it’s better to say that nobody else wants to work with Lindsay, who was “terrific” in Ugly Betty. I guess news doesn’t travel fast enough or one good bit doesn’t quite make up for the rest.

Poor girl. Sort of. I have a romanticized version playing in my head where she’s so misunderstood, but that’s pretty much crap and I know it.