June 19, 2013
Jenna Jameson On Drugs? That Explains The Pic

Porn star turned B-List Celebrity Jenna Jameson was caught taking drugs and thrown out of the UK Party according to The Sun:

"Reportedly,adult film starJenna moved her table right next to the Chelsea stars and wowed them with her raunchy dancing, as they continued to rack up their hefty bar bill, which ended up at an estimated £10,000.

Though, according to reports, Jenna's night ended early after she was thrown out for allegedly attempting to take drugs.

A member of her entourage said: "She just asked if one of her friends could go in with her in the toilets to touch up her make-up before facing the paparazzi.

"But the toilet attendant said no, and kicked off. The bouncers called us American pigs, which brought Jenna to tears."

Just look at that picture: the once unbelievably gorgeous Jameson isn't looking particularly great: Amy Whinehouse syndrome perhaps?