Chris Pratt May Be A Go For Another Comic-Based Film

Chris Pratt seems to be under contractual obligation to star in every action movie coming out in the next two years, and it looks like he may be set to star in another one based in a comic book-universe: Cowboy Ninja Viking.

Pratt has reportedly been talking about the project on social media, although nothing is set in stone yet. According to Variety, Universal is looking to add David Leitch and Chad Stahelski as directors, and until the key players fall into place, no official announcements will be made. While Leitch and Stahelski don’t have too many big credits to their names, both worked on John Wick, the action-thriller starring Keanu Reeves that made big box-office numbers in 2014.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is based on the graphic novel by A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo, and tells the tale of a man with multiple personality disorder who is turned into a super-soldier with the help of the government; one with the abilities of a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking. The news of a film — and one with Chris Pratt, at that — has been making the rounds on the web this month, with many fans excited at the prospect of an action film.

While details of the film are still scarce, it’s likely that the studios will want to get it out while Pratt’s star — which is still rising fast — is hot, and while he’s still available. The busy actor is also attached to Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 and Magnificent Seven, and has been rumored to possibly fill Harrison Ford’s dusty boots for a reboot of Indiana Jones.

Chris went from a slightly pudgy television star (Parks And Recreation) to a buff action star seemingly overnight, but the transformation took a lot of work. Pratt said last year that it took him six months to shed 60 pounds and gain muscle for his Guardians role, and during that time he stopped drinking beer and added quite a bit of water to his routine.

Chris Pratt can still be seen on Parks And Rec, which is airing the final season now, and will be on the silver screen next in the highly-anticipated Jurassic World.

[Image via Jimmy Kimmel/YouTube]