Self-Proclaimed Prophet, Dan Lafferty, ‘Happy’ For Utah Couple That Killed Themselves, Three Children

The self-proclaimed prophet, Dan Lafferty, has said he is “happy” for the the Utah couple that killed themselves and their three children in an attempt to avoid the “pending apocalypse.” Lafferty knew the Strack family, who frequently visited him in prison before forgery and drug possession in 2008 put an end to their visiting privileges.

According to Fox News, Benjamin and Kristi Strack, along with their three children, Benson, 14; Emery, 12; and Zion, 11, all died from poisoning or “drug toxicity.” As the Inquisitr previously reported, the police report ruled suicide in the cases of the two adults, and homicide in the cases of the two youngest children. In the case of 14-year-old Benson, authorities were unable to determine whether death was due to suicide or homicide because it was uncertain that he was able to consent to suicide. However, police believe that, due to the placement of the bodies, Benson was the last to die.

In a strange turn of events, the Daily Mail reports that the Strack family had a long history with a notorious killer whom they visited frequently in Utah State Prison. Dan Lafferty is a self-proclaimed prophet from Utah who is serving life in prison for a double murder that he believes “was directed by God.” Lafferty boasts that his ideas and religious beliefs likely influenced the couple’s decision to kill themselves, along with their three children. In fact, Lafferty says he is “happy” for the Strack family as he believes “they’re in paradise now.”

“I’ll miss them, but I’m happy for them. I believe they’re in paradise now.”

Dan Lafferty claims he is the prophet Elijah and the world is actually hell. It is this life philosophy that is believed to play a role in the deaths of Benjamin and Kristi Strack, and their children. The Strack family feared coming apocalypse and hoped to spare their children from the hell on earth. Lafferty says he was so close with the family that Kristi Strack was actually “in love” with him, and her husband knew it. He claims that he even cut off his waist-length hair and beard at her request and sent them to the family.

Lafferty says he remained close with the Strack family until 2008, when the couple was charged with forgery and drug possession, which caused the couple to lose their prison visiting rights. Up until the 2008 charges, Lafferty says the couple visited him weekly in the Utah prison.

Though police have not released an official statement on the motive behind the murder-suicide, Lafferty seems certain he played an important role in the couple’s death. Police say Lafferty communicated with Kristi Strack like she was one of his children.