Georgia Man Breaks Into Burning Home To Save Neighbor's Children From Fire

A man in Georgia broke into his neighbor's home and pulled three children to safety after realizing his neighbor's house was on fire.

Firefighters have accredited Eddie Hamilton with having saved the children from the blaze after smashing a front window, jumping in, and pulling the children to safety.

Mr. Hamilton learned of the fire after he heard his wife screaming. When he noticed the children still inside of the home, he rushed to the home where he jumped in and pulled a 3-year-old boy to safety outside of the home. Next, he encouraged a 10-year-old girl to jump from the first floor window. After encouraging the young girl to jump, Hamilton then jumped in and pulled the 17-year-old through the smoke to a window, where he was handed to firefighters who removed him from the burning home.

The children's mother was already outside when Hamilton arrived, 11Alive reported.

Investigators are still investigating what started the fire.

Fox 5 Atlanta reports that the firefighters are calling Eddie a hero after he helped save the family from the burning home in DeKalb County. The report indicated that he lives a few doors down from the house and, when he heard some commotion outside, he walked over and saw a mother outside in front of the home screaming, and so he grabbed something to bust through a window and a rescue ensued. The report quoted Hamilton as having said that there wasn't a decision, "someone had to get them out of there so I busted the window and went to work."

The damage incurred by the burnt home was extensive.

Officials have indicated that the two younger children are recovering from their injuries, while the teenager remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Four people were in the home at the time of the incident: a mother and her three children.

The DeKalb County Fire Department responded to the scene after Hamilton had rescued the first two children, just in time to help him pull the teenager through the window and onto safety.

DeKalb Fire Captain Eric Jackson indicated that the fire started around 7:45 a.m. in September of 2014, at a home on Bluebird Lane.

Jackson indicated to 11Alive's Blayne Alexander that the youngest two children had suffered only minor injuries and that the older teen was conscious when he was removed from the house. The teenager was then taken to Grady Memorial Hospital.

In an earlier report on Inquisitr, a pit bull saved a woman from being trapped in a burning home.

What do you think of Eddie Hamilton's neighborly rescue, is he a genuine American hero?