Florida Woman Allegedly Threw Shoe At Hubby’s Face

A Florida woman is currently being held without bail at the Volusia County Branch Jail after she reportedly assaulted her husband with a shoe. People reports that 46-year-old Christine Black was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, but her weapon of choice is one that not many people would consider deadly. Black reportedly used her own shoe as a weapon after she walked in on a situation that would upset any wife.

When Christine Black reportedly entered her Ormond Beach home on Monday, she walked in to find her husband having sex with another woman in the bed she shared with him. The incident reportedly threw the Florida woman into such a rage that she threw one of her shoes at him. Her shoe allegedly struck him in the left side of his face, which injured it. Deputy Corey Rittenour responded to calls from the residence to find Black laying on her back in the backyard. She was reportedly “yelling obscenities.” She had also admitted to drinking alcohol prior to the altercation. When the deputy tried to talk to her, she would not admit to throwing the shoe, but was distraught about the situation with her husband.

“Wouldn’t you be this upset if you came home to this?”

The Datyona Beach News Journal reports that the 46-year-old woman is a teacher in Orange County. However, no reports indicate what grade she teaches, or where she teaches. The Ormond Beach woman reportedly told the deputy that responded to the call that she was depressed and wanted a divorce. As for her hubby, he declined offered medical attention when a cut on his head was found that may have resulted from the alleged assault. The left side of his face reportedly did not show any signs of injury where the shoe supposedly struck him.

Reports aren’t saying what kind of shoe was thrown at the man to be considered a deadly weapon, but past criminal cases have involved the use of high heeled shoes as weapons. A woman named Ana Trujilo reportedly stabbed her boyfriend at least two dozen times with the heel of her stiletto shoe while in a fit of rage. Her case became a famous high profile murder story that inspired reenactments on popular true crime shows like Deadly Women. Did this latest Florida woman throw a high heeled shoe at her unfaithful hubby, or is the charge against her a little over the top?

[Photo credit: FDLE Mugshot]