MTV ‘Teen Mom’: Rep For Network Speaks Out About Air Date

MTV’s Teen Mom is one of the most popular reality shows and, even though it ended after four short seasons, fans have continued to follow the cast on their endeavors. Perhaps it is the huge fan base that played a part in MTV’s decision to bring back the popular show for a fifth season. Although the entire original cast will not be reunited (Farrah Abraham was not asked back), Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood will all be back to share their stories.

There have been many rumors regarding an air-date of the new season. Last year, it was rumored to be sometime in January, then the new air date was rumored to be February 2. However, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, the air date was reportedly pushed back due to MTV wanting to get more footage of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra during their first few weeks as new parents. To put it lightly, fans are wondering when the new air date is and, with no official word from the network, fans have had to use their best guess. However, Ashley, over at The Ashley’s Reality Round Up, spoke to a representative for MTV, who opened up about the rumored air date.

“We haven’t confirmed or announced a premiere date yet so we have no information to share with at this time.”

MTV’s official Teen Mom website simply states that an all-new season is “coming soon,” which could mean just about anything. In the past, fans have complained at the large amount of time between seasons of the show and, in more recent seasons, the network has been able to get seasons filmed and edited more quickly. Of course, since the girls haven’t been on television since their Being specials, fans don’t seem to mind that there is a wait time until Season 5.

The new season will show some very interesting storylines, as well. For Maci Bookout, her relationship with Taylor McKinney and subsequent pregnancy will likely be addressed. Fans have yet to meet Taylor on screen, as he and Maci were not together when she filmed her Being Maci special for MTV.

Interestingly, the Being format will cross over into the new season of Teen Mom. This means that the cast will acknowledge that they are being filmed. This is a new aspect that was recently introduced, and it seems the network was pleased with the results. By filming this way, it does help to bring a new aspect to the already popular show.

As for Catelynn Lowell, her storyline will revolve around her relationship with Tyler Baltierra and, like Maci Bookout, her second pregnancy. This time, though, the couple are not faced with the decision of whether or not to place their daughter up for adoption or to raise her. Now, they are grown up and in a much better situation, which allows them to raise their daughter, Novalee Reign.

MTV canceled Teen Mom after Amber Portwood was sent to prison. Her early release was captured for Being Amber and fans are excited to catch up with her. She has turned her life around since being released from prison, something that will be shown on the new season.

Although fans are excited, they will have to wait for MTV to announce an air date for the show.

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